Proven Success

The consolidated financial statements of the PBS Holding Group are prepared on the basis of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and are internationally consolidated. Since its transformation into a public limited company in 2005, the company submits a comprehensive written annual report.

Local sales and logistics teams in eight countries serve over 200,000 customers to date. More than 1,400 employees generated an annual turnover of around 330 million euros in 2020.

Germany and Austria still accounted for around two-thirds of total turnover in 2019. While the strong position in the German-speaking markets enables economies of scale, CEE offers more room to grow and build on the competitive infrastructure already established.

The acquisition of the Office Depot units in the Czech Republic and Slovakia – the largest acquisition in the history of the PBS Holding Group – has now led to a 50% share of turnover in the CEE region. Italy is developing rapidly in line with our plans, and further significant increases are to be expected.