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Q-CONNECT growth keeps momentum

INTERACTION, the European alliance of office products distributors, is proud to announce that for the second year in a row, its Q-CONNECT
housebrand has shown a growth of 8%, resulting in an overall turnover of 145 million EUR.

The member-companies in the UK, France and in Eastern Europe have been some of the driving factors to this result.
But, surprisingly enough, Comercial del Sur, active on the Iberian peninsula, has marked the highest growth with a staggering +21%.

Jan Van Belleghem, the MD, is confident that, with the integration of the companies that have recently been acquired by the PBS-Holding and with
the optimism some other members are showing, the brand can further grow in 2014, albeit not at the same pace as in the previous years.

Ghent (BE), 10 February 2014